840 STX



840 STX

Rated 5 out of 5

CBD Retailer

69C King Street
, Frederiksted

Let’s be real: between work, family, and everything else, getting to kick back at 4:20 just isn’t realistic anymore. Let the 20-somethings keep it. The adults will take 8:40, when we can truly enjoy a well-earned moment to relax and reflect.

That’s the idea behind 840 STX, the new CBD cafe in Frederiksted. At this breezy bar, just a block from the pier, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD oil in a classy and sophisticated manner—and with blazing internet in case your day isn’t finish yet.

Besides selling their very own CBD oil, you can have it infused in your favorite treat. 840 STX offers a variety of healthy menu options, along with beer, wine, smoothies, and espresso drinks.

So stop by 840 STX for a meal, a pick-me-up, or to grab something from their retail store–the options are endless. Here is a quick look at just some of what 840 STX has to offer:

CBD Infusions & Elixirs

  • CBD Oil Infusion: 15g or 30g
  • CBD Honey Stick 15g (Coming Soon)
  • Rhodiola Rosea Elixir – Golden Root
  • Chakras Elixirs
    • Crown (Unity &Consciousness)
    • Third Eye (Imagination & Clarity)
    • Throat (Power & Independence)
    • Heart (Love & Compassion)
    • Solar Plexus (Wisdom & Inner Power)
    • Naval (Order & Pleasure)
    • Root (Life & Lust)

Get Baked – CBD Infused Food

  • Seasonal Muffins & Pastries (Coming Soon)
  • Handheld Specials (Vegan option)
  • Acai Bowls w/ Hemp Hearts & Local Fruit Salad D’Jour

CBD Related Products

  • CBD 500 mg Tinctures Drops (840 Brand & Joy Organics)
  • CBD Gel Caps
  • CBD Dog Treats
  • CBD Salves (50 – 500 mg)
  • CBD Roll on Sport Creams
  • Vape Pens w/ Disposable Cartridge
  • Kandy Pen (RubI) Refillable Vape Pen
  • CBD Vape Liquid (3 flavors)

See their full menu and retail store online or at their location on King St in Frederiksted, between Custom House and Market St.

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