St. Thomas
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St. Thomas

US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas Cannabis & CBD Information

St. Thomas Cannabis Information

Need some information on St. Thomas medical marijuana? Have questions? We have answers! VIBE HIGH has compiled helpful guides for St. Thomas residents and tourists!

Medical marijuana in St. Thomas is legal, and was decriminalized in 2014. Recreational cannabis in St. Thomas is still not legal, but it’s use is very widespread throughout the island.

To read more in depth on St. Thomas cannabis laws check out our article on marijuana legality in the US Virgin Islands.

Medical cannabis cards are available from the St. Thomas Office of Cannabis Regulations (OCR). You will need to fill out an application and provide a note from your doctor prescribing medical marijuana.

Check out our full guide to getting your USVI medical marijuana card.

Yes, you can use any valid medical cannabis card from any state or country. But you will need to get a temporary St. Thomas cannabis card though. Check out our USVI Tourism guide on how to get your temporary cannabis card.

Medical marijuana is available throughout dispensaries in St. Thomas. You must have a valid medical cannabis card to purchase from a dispensary. It is dangerous to purchase cannabis from street dealers in St. Thomas, and should only be purchased from legal dispensaries.

Macro Photo of Cannabis Bud
Two Jars of Cannabis in Dispensary

St. Thomas Medical Marijuana dispensaries are coming in 2020! VIBE HIGH will have a full list of where you can get medicinal cannabis. Bookmark our St. Thomas Cannabis dispensary page!

Forget your CBD at home? Looking to find a good local source to pick up CBD products? VIBE HIGH has a list of CBD retailers throughout St. Thomas.

Retailers throughout St. Thomas are stocking unique CBD products, why don’t you check one out and SHOP LOCAL!

CBD Oil Container Cannabis Leaves

St. Thomas Information

St. Thomas is the more commercial of the Virgin Islands. Only 32 square miles, filled with brand name stores and plenty to see, but still has plenty of room for some of the most gorgeous beaches on the planet. Over one million tourists arrive on St. Thomas via 500+ cruise ship stops every year. St. Thomas is a major ferry port, ferrying passengers throughout the British Virgin Islands & U.S. Virgin Islands.

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