Guide for Nonresidents and In-Patients



Guide for Nonresidents and In-Patients


The US Virgin Islands of St Thomas, St John, and St Croix are poised to become a top “weed tourism” destination in the coming months and years.

So continue reading to learn how visitors can take advantage of the recently legalized medical marijuana program in the USVI.

Nonresidents Vs. In-Patients

Nonresidents Already Have a Medical Marijuana Card from Their Home State

The Medical Cannabis & Patient Care Act (MCPCA) defines a “nonresident” as anyone who has been in the USVI for less than 45 days.

(Qualify as a resident? Check out our Guide for Obtaining Your Medical Marijuana Card.)

So if you fall into this category and already have a medical marijuana card (med card) where you live, the process is relatively simple.

All you need to apply for a nonresident USVI med card is:

  • your home-state med card
  • a letter from your doctor stating that marijuana provides relief for you from a debilitating medical condition

After that, the nonresident med card costs $50 for 5 days, $75 for 10 days, or $100 for a 30 days. 

In-Patients are Nonresidents Who Do NOT Have a Medical Marijuana Card

If you’d like to take advantage of the new USVI legislature and our beautiful beaches without a med card from your home state, it’s still possible.

However, it’s a little more involved. You will need:

  • a letter from your doctor at home stating marijuana provides relief for you from a debilitating medical condition
  • proof of enrollment in an in-patient program

The MCPCA describes this as,

Attending or participating in medical cannabis treatment in the Virgin Islands under the supervision of a practitioner in the Virgin Islands.

In other words, you have to enroll in medical marijuana in-patient treatment in an “approved facility” here in the USVI.

At this moment, probably no such treatment programs exist. However, we expect them to begin appearing in the coming year. First, the Office of Cannabis Regulation (OCR) must finalize the rules for medical marijuana, estimated to take four months. 

The duration for the card is long as the in-patient treatment program. However, the OCR can extend it for “good cause shown.”

Though the cost of the nonresident in-patient med card is not specified, permit us some speculation. We imagine it will be roughly equivalent to the sliding scale of the nonresident med card. This is $50 for 5 days, $75 for 10 days, or $100 for a 30 days.

How Much Cannabis Can a Nonresident Buy

Nonresidents on St Thomas, St John, or St Croix may posses up to 3 oz of marijuana at a time. This is just shy of the 4 oz residents may possess.

However, nonresidents are not allowed to own or grow any plants themselves, unlike residents.

Luckily, if you happen to find a seed in your cannabis, you may sell it back to a cultivation facility.

Where Can Nonresidents Consume Marijuana

Just like residents, nonresidents can only smoke or consume edibles exclusively on private property in the Virgin Islands. This includes a fenced-in backyard or front porch, or in a dispensary that has set up a club or lounge.

Furthermore, landlords and renters do not have to allow a med cardholder to consume cannabis on their property. So before booking that Air BnB, be sure to ask about their policy.

Finally, no one is allowed to consume cannabis while in a public place, commercial business, or moving vehicle, such as a car or boat.

How Does the Law Protect Nonresidents

Just like resident med cardholders, the MCPCA protects the privacy and rights of nonresident med cardholders.

First of all, you cannot be arrested, prosecuted, or penalized in any manner for purchasing, possessing, or using medical marijuana in accordance with the law.

Second, all your personal data will be kept 100% private, unless you personally sign a release form. The MCPCA requires the medical marijuana database to be totally independent from all other state and federal databases. 

In other words, no other government agencies will know about your USVI nonresident med card or the information you provide in your application.

Any Questions We Haven’t Answered Yet?

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We are here to help you take full advantage of legal medical marijuana in St Croix, St Thomas, and St John. So let us know how we can do that better.

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