USVI Cannabis Business Fees



USVI Cannabis Business Fees


An Overview of All Medical Marijuana Business Costs in the US Virgin Islands

The VI Medical Cannabis Patient Care Act (MCPCA) has recommended the prices of all fees related to registering card holders, dispensaries, processing facilities, and grow operations.

Licensing and application fees will be collected by the newly formed Office of Cannabis Regulations (OCR), which will be part of the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs.

All prices are currently the maximum the OCR may charge. Prices may be lower after the rules & regulations are submitted!

USVI Cannabis Grow License Cost

USVI grow license costs are divided into three tiers, which each have a maximum number of plants they allow the facility to have.

  • 100 plants – $1000
  • 500 plants – $3000
  • 1,000 plants – $5,000

The MCPCA states that all plant counts are the total number of plants, not just flowering cannabis plants

USVI Dispensary License Cost

A dispensary license in the US Virgin Islands costs $5000. The license is good for up to one year. However there will be a cap on the amount of dispensary licenses per island. With St Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John each getting a limited out of licenses.

USVI Manufacturing License Cost

A US Virgin Islands Manufacturing License costs $5000. This is a license allows businesses to manufacture marijuana products, such as concentrates, edibles, baths, balms, or any other product that contains THC.

USVI Cannabis Research and Development License Cost

The price to start a cannabis R&D license in the US Virgin Islands is $1000. Fourth coming rules and regulations will define what research and development licenses will be offered, and how they can be applied for.

Additional Fees

Additional business fees may be incurred. The above fees are only the application fees. However thee MCPCA states that the OCR may charge an additional annual licensing fees up to the, but not more than, the application fee.

Note for all businesses applying for Cannabis Licenses. OCR has the right to keep 50% of your license fees if your application fails.

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