MPCPA: Where the Tax Money Goes



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MPCPA: Where the Tax Money Goes

A detailed breakdown of where all the tax money from the sale of medical marijuana will go in the US Virgin Islands.
January 28, 2019

Where does the Medical Cannabis Patient Care Act tax revenue go?

The Medical Cannabis Patient Care Act (MPCPA) made it through the legislator and is now waiting for the governor’s signature. Details are still coming out from the MPCPA and what it could mean for the US Virgin Islands and its residents.

Medical Cannabis patients will pay a 5% tax at dispensaries at the time of sale. While sales between businesses, growers, manufacturers and dispensaries, will pay a 10% tax.

The MPCPA tax revenue will go to specific government departments set fourth in the bill.

  • 25% to the Virgin Islands General Fund
  • 12.5% Programs for addictive behavior, drug education and rehabilitation
  • 12.5% to the DLCA’s new division Office of Cannabis Regulations (OCR)
  • 5% For Medical marijuana tourism advertising overseen by the Department of Tourism
  • 5% For education and training on medical cannabis for the VI Police Department
  • 10% to the Department of Agriculture for the development of the Agriculture Depot Program
  • 5% to the Department of Labor and Education for the development of an Apprenticeship Program
  • 10% for the Department of Sports, Parks and Recreation
  • 10% for Infrastructure Maintenance by the Department of Works
  • 5% to DPNR for the Council of the Arts for preforming arts programs

While expected to be a huge revenue booster to the VI, only time will tell how well the medical marijuana program will be for the residents of St Thomas, St John, and St Croix.


Author - Sean McGuire

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